Swarm Removal

Swarm landed on your property? We will gladly pick up swarms of honey bees! First, use our guide below to see if what you have are in fact honey bees. These are the only "bee-like" insect we will take. If you do have a honey bee swarm, please fill in the form below so we can route one of our member beekeepers to your swarm.

Honey Bee Swarm

Wasps / Hornets / Yellowjackets

Wasps and hornets make grey papery nests, like the one seen below.  Yellowjackets will build a nest in the ground.  If you have these insects, please spray them, dump a bucket of soapy water on them, or call an exterminator.

Mason Bees

Mason bees look similar to honey bees, but smaller.  Please do not spray them—they are excellent pollinators and pose no threat to you.

Bumble Bees / Carpenter Bees

Like mason bees, bumble bees pose no threat to you. Their species is also in trouble, simmilar to honeybees, so please do not spray them. Carpenter bees are simmilar to bumble bees but are much larger, and have a smooth abdomen.  If you have carpenter bees drilling into your house, you may consider calling an exterminator as a last resort.